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Customized Energy Solutions: Investing the Future with myACT

myACT, a seasoned player in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), has established a strong reputation by providing professional ODM/OEM electronic services to leading enterprises worldwide. With extensive experience and technological expertise, myACT has partnered with industry giants offering customized energy solutions tailored to their unique requirements. From digital energy solutions for the ICT industry to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, myACT is committed to driving innovation and addressing the challenges faced by the world today.

Digital Energy Solutions

In the face of escalating data volumes and energy consumption challenges, myACT delivers comprehensive energy and infrastructure intelligent manufacturing solutions specifically designed for the ICT industry. myACT collaborates with industry leaders like Sai Intelligent to provide professional ODM and OEM services for digital energy products. The range of products includes communication site energy sources, module power supplies, server power supplies, data center power supplies, and customized power solutions, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency for the evolving digital landscape.

New Energy Solutions

With the global energy shortage and the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources, myACT has positioned itself as a premium green energy supplier. From inverters to hybrid power supplies and smart photovoltaic power plants, myACT provides flexible, affordable, and high-quality ODM/OEM electronic services for the new energy sector.  These tailored solutions empower businesses and individuals to embrace clean energy alternatives and contribute to a greener future.


myACT’s customized energy solutions are driving the transformation of the energy landscape, providing businesses with the means to meet evolving energy demands sustainably while optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. With a formidable track record in the ICT sector, myACT offers a wide range of OEM/ODM services, including digital energy solutions for communication power supply, data center energy, and smart photovoltaics, as well as new energy solutions encompassing inverters, hybrid power supplies, and smart photovoltaic power plants.

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