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Eurasia Dental Lab: Streamlined Dental RX Workflow

When it comes to dental solutions, Eurasia Dental Lab is a trusted name that prioritizes precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. They offer a wide range of custom dental products, catering exclusively to dental clinics and practitioners across the United States. For those in the dental industry, understanding how to work with Eurasia Dental Lab is key to accessing top-notch dental RX services.

Seamless RX Submission Process

Eurasia Dental Lab makes it convenient for dental professionals to submit dental rx forms, whether through traditional physical forms or digitally. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to work with Eurasia Dental Lab:

  1. Printable RX Form
  • Visit their website to download the printable RX form, which is available for easy access. This form is essential for providing specific instructions and details regarding your dental cases.
  1. Proper Packaging and Shipment
  • Dental professionals are advised to package their dental cases with care before sending them to Eurasia Dental Lab. To ensure safe and efficient shipping:
    • Remove any old stickers from recycled boxes.
    • Clean all case materials and seal them in bags.
    • Wrap each model individually with bubble wrap or foam for added protection.
    • Fill gaps with extra bubble wrap to prevent movement during shipping.
    • If shipping articulators and face-bows, separate and wrap them individually for safety.
    • For alginate, place the prescription (RX) in a sealed bag to keep it dry and attach it to the case bag.
    • Loose crowns, bridges, implants, or shades should be placed in a small container or bag, labeled with the patient’s name and attached to the RX.
    • Protect any photos by placing them in a plastic bag.
    • If sending multiple cases in one box, place each case in its own bag to avoid mix-ups.
  1. Efficient Production
  • Once Eurasia Dental Lab receives the cases, they assign a dedicated professional to manage the order. The production process begins, ensuring that your custom dental solutions are crafted with precision and care.
  1. Swift and Secure Delivery
  • Eurasia Dental Lab values your time and satisfaction. They coordinate with a reliable logistics company to pick up your completed order swiftly and securely. Fast and safe shipping methods are employed to ensure your dental cases reach you in the best condition.


In conclusion, Eurasia Dental Lab is not only committed to delivering top-quality dental products but also to streamlining the RX submission process for their valued  customers. Their emphasis on customer service, precision, and quality assurance, including being FDA certified, makes them a trusted partner in the dental industry. Dental professionals can confidently rely on Eurasia for their custom dental product needs.

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