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HyperStrong HyperCube Pro: Advanced Battery for Load Shedding

HyperStrong introduces the HyperCube Pro, an advanced battery for load shedding. This all-in-one charging and storage system integrates cutting-edge technology with robust safety features, ensuring reliable performance in critical applications.

Technical Specifications

HyperCube Pro features solid-state LFP battery cells with a robust 64 kWh rated energy capacity and operates at a rated AC voltage of 380V±15%. It delivers up to 100 kW of AC power (max. 120 kW peak) within an operating voltage range of 200-1000V. Designed for durability, it maintains efficiency in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C (derating >45°C). Weighing ≤1600 kg and with dimensions of 1171.58001998.5mm, it meets stringent GB/T standards for safety and performance.

Inherently Safe Design

With built-in solid-state inherently safe batteries, the HyperCube Pro incorporates AI intelligent early warning systems and comprehensive three-dimensional fire detection. It features multi-layer protection mechanisms for detection, prevention, venting, and extinguishing, ensuring superior safety in integrated charging and storage systems.


The HyperCube Pro is ideally suited for applications requiring reliable power supply during load shedding events. It serves as a dependable backup solution in industrial and commercial settings, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding against power disruptions. Its compact design and intelligent safety features make it a preferred choice for businesses prioritizing efficiency and regulatory compliance.


HyperStrong’s HyperCube Pro redefines energy storage solutions, offering unparalleled capabilities for load shedding scenarios. With advanced solid-state LFP battery technology and comprehensive safety features, it empowers businesses to maintain continuity during power outages while optimizing energy management practices.

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