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Seeking a Reliable Butterfly Pea Flour Wholesale Supplier? Turn to BINMEI for Long-Term Partnerships!

When it comes to sourcing high-quality butterfly pea powder wholesale prices, BINMEI stands out as a reliable and innovative brand in the market. This article delves into the diverse applications and product offerings of BINMEI, with a primary focus on their flagship product, phycocyanin, available in various forms and specifications.

Exploring the Versatile Applications

Food Industry: BINMEI’s butterfly pea powder is a prized ingredient in the food industry. Whether it’s adding vibrant natural colors to confectionery, beverages, or baked goods, BINMEI’s products are a go-to choice for achieving visually stunning results. Chefs and food manufacturers appreciate the consistent quality and purity that BINMEI offers.

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical sector, BINMEI’s products play a vital role. The phycocyanin extracted from blue spirulina is known for its potential health benefits. It’s used in the development of dietary supplements and medications aimed at enhancing overall wellness.

A Note on Spirulina Ultrafine Powder

It’s essential to distinguish between BINMEI’s blue spirulina-based products and spirulina ultrafine powder, which is green. The former is prized for its vibrant blue hues and applications, while the latter provides a rich source of green color. BINMEI’s commitment to quality ensures that you’ll never confuse the two.


BINMEI is your go-to brand for top-quality butterfly pea powder wholesale. With a wide range of applications, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and research, and a diverse portfolio of phycocyanin products, BINMEI consistently delivers innovation and excellence. Choose BINMEI for all your butterfly pea powder needs, and experience the vibrant colors and quality that set them apart in the market.

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