Trends in Engagement Rings for 2022

There is a certain peace that will overtake you when you ask your love to commit to spending the rest of your lives with you. This is the most important decision you will ever make. You know them, they know you. You feel nervous. How do you plan the perfect proposal?

These decisions can be nerve-wracking but there are many options for finding the perfect Brisbane engagement ring. It is important to think carefully about the ring that your loved one will wear for the rest of his or her life. You also want to impress them with a ring they would choose for themselves.

These days, like wedding trends, are new twists on classics. Engagement ring trends are no different. There are many trends to choose from, no matter if your partner is more fashion-forward or minimalist. Let’s take a look at the top trends in engagement rings for the year. This will help you to make an informed decision when it comes time to search.

As Deep As The Ocean

Pearl engagement rings, which go back to the Regency era are very much in fashion. Although pearl engagement rings are more delicate than traditional diamonds, their symbolic meaning makes them more beautiful. Pearls are a symbol of purity, loyalty and integrity. This is what you want for your significant other.

This ring is perfect for someone who loves to watch shows such as Bridgerton and other costume dramas. You can have the pearl set with small diamond side stones to add sparkle if you prefer traditional diamonds. To make a unique pearl engagement ring, you can also search online for antique and estate jewelry.

Budget-Friendly “Diamonds”

Let’s say your partner is someone you know would love to have several carats on “that finger”, but you are being realistic about your budget. Stones like Moissanite can be a great alternative. The Kobelli Moissanite Rings have gems that shine just like genuine diamonds. They also pass the MOHs test for durability.

Moissanite engagement rings look and act like real things. They also have no ethical conflicts, which could be important for you and your potential fiancé. The price of earth-mined diamonds is not only for the consumer, but also for the producer. A large stone is possible if you choose Moissanite. This stone shines with a brilliance only diamonds can match.

Take a Look at the Setting

You should think about the setting that you will propose in, but you can also create a unique setting for your engagement ring. Modern ring settings are not as traditional. If you are going with a single stone, the East-West setting is an option. This setting is great for marquise, oval, and pear-shaped stone. Instead of being in a vertical position, the stone is placed on its side.

This setting is beautiful and modern, but also makes the stone stand out more than if it were set traditional. The “you and me” setting is another popular setting. It features your traditional diamond next to a color stone. This symbolises the beginning of your future together. Salt and pepper diamonds and emeralds are popular second stones that can be paired with diamonds.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds are making their way onto the market just like pearls. Beautiful emerald cuts are more expensive than diamonds and more attractive. The trend for emerald engagement rings is not going away. A setting with smaller diamonds around the emerald is a good choice. You can also opt for a modern, more contemporary set. It’s worth talking to local jewelers about customizing a ring for your partner if you choose an emerald.

Although shopping for an engagement ring can seem overwhelming, jewelers can help you. It doesn’t matter if you are certain that you will purchase your engagement rings online due to the price or availability of the styles you want, it is worth visiting local shops to view what you are buying.

If your partner is trend-oriented or fashion-conscious, the year’s cut will be an oval cut. This part of planning shouldn’t stress you. Use the information above to guide you in your search for the perfect ring that reflects your deep love. Congratulations and here’s the best for you!

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