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Using Blueiot to Enhance Real-Time Location Tracking

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for real time location tracking solutions has surged across various industries. Blueiot, a leading player in the field of Bluetooth AoA positioning technology, offers innovative solutions that empower businesses to achieve sub-meter-level high-precision positioning. In this article, we will explore how Blueiot revolutionizes real time location tracking and enhances the user experience.

Single-Area Two-Dimensional Positioning

With Blueiot’s technology, a single base station calculates the actual heading angle and pitch angle to obtain a unique ray, allowing for the determination of a tag’s absolute spatial coordinates. This two-dimensional positioning technology provides unprecedented accuracy for real-time position tracking.

Expanding Spatial Coverage

By combining multiple base stations, Blueiot extends positioning coverage to larger areas. This approach enhances global spatial accuracy, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring extensive tracking capabilities across various environments.

Applications Across Industries

Transportation Hub Solutions

Blueiot addresses the challenge of inaccurate satellite data in transportation hubs like airports and subway stations. By extending outdoor location data, it enables intelligent traffic management and personalized passenger services.

Smart Supermarket Solutions

Blueiot provides high-precision positioning for shopping carts and consumer mobile phones in smart supermarkets. This facilitates navigation, shopping cart management, big data analysis, and store layout optimization.

Hospital/Pension Solutions

Blueiot’s technology enhances medical guidance and behavior management in hospitals and aged care facilities. It streamlines internal management and improves service quality.

Smart Cultural Tourism Solutions

In the cultural tourism sector, Blueiot offers sub-meter accurate positioning for mobile phone guides. It leverages low-cost Bluetooth tags to create innovative location data value.

Smart Factory Solutions

Blueiot’s solutions enable spatiotemporal perception and seamless tracking in smart factories. They optimize supply chain management, fostering high-efficiency and automation.

Warehousing Logistics Solutions

Blueiot’s logistics positioning solution improves efficiency by seamlessly integrating location information into ERP, WMS, and PMS systems. It offers cost-effective tracking with long-lasting battery support.

Smart Building Solutions

Blueiot integrates high-precision location services into smart buildings. This includes personnel asset tracking, access area authority division, and real-time anomaly alerts, contributing to efficient building management.


In conclusion, Blueiot’s Bluetooth AoA positioning technology redefines real time location tracking across various industries. Businesses seeking to enhance their tracking capabilities and improve operational efficiency should consider the innovative solutions offered by Blueiot.

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